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Mystic Solutions is located in Pacific Beach, CA. We are a trusted tarot card reader and psychic in San Diego. We perform many services for our clients such as chakra balancing, chakra reading, tarot reading, psychic healing and much more. Please contact us at 858-270-2222 to schedule a reading.
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She is very personable! She made me feel as if we’ve been friends forever. She told me that I would hear back from the job I applied to and that I have gotten the job! Within an hour the company called me to offer me the position. She was very accurate with many of the things we talked about! Highly recommended.

Sadie Copeman
Sadie Copeman Aura Reading

My boyfriend gifted me a visit with Mystic Solutions as I have been struggling with trauma for my entire life and have been in therapy for years trying to gain answers...one meeting with her has given me immeasurable peace, hope, and clarity. Thank you Victoria!

Sabrina Rios
Sabrina Rios Psychic Reading

I was referred by a business colleague of mine to try a tarot card reading. I was surprised that this system is not about "making assumptions" about you by the reader. It is about empowering you to figure things out with the help of a master. Highly recommended!

Ed Feldman
Ed Feldman Tarot Reading
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Sabrina Copley

Sabrina Copley

Psychic at Mystic Solutions
Sabrina is a master tarot card reader and lifelong psychic who started her spiritual journey of clairvoyance as a child. With 45 years of experience, she is specialized in tarot readings, chakra cleansing, aura reading, palm reading, and crystal ball reading. We invite you to step into the world of Sabrina and let her guide you through your spiritual journey.
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